Friday, September 3, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Joseph Altuzarra

An up and coming designer who, in four collections, has taken the fashion world by storm, Joseph Altuzarra really hit the nail on the head with his FW10 collection. His work has matured and his style is truly coming into its own in this season's designs. While these images might already be old news in the blog-o-sphere, I just can't stop going back to his website and staring longingly at them. 

His recent interview with Anna Dello Russo for Interview Magazine (read it here) offered a great insight into how Altuzarra designs and where he finds his inspiration (namely, Tom Ford and Edward Scissor Hands).

"There’s a side to me that likes to make clothes for everyday. But I also think of fashion as an escape. It’s like a dream. It shouldn’t always be practical and about real life. Sometimes you have to do a piece that has a bit more of a wow—almost like, “I don’t know who’s going to wear that. It’s almost too much.” That’s a lot of what fashion is about. Even in an economy that isn’t strong and where it’s important to sell clothes, you have to make things that let people dream a little, you know?"- Joseph Altuzarra

{Favorites of FW10}

{Favorites of SS10}
{Favorites of FW09}

{Favorites of SS09}

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  1. LOVE all the nude colors Ive been seeing...these are great!

  2. my favourite collection is SS09, but i loooove this brand (:

  3. ooo nice collection. I love the white and nude colors!

  4. all of those white and khakis are delicious!

    maxwell conrad

  5. hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng i love it allll

  6. i love the silhouettes of the last two images, gorgeous!

  7. Love the Joseph Altuzarra quote. Fab pix - thanks for sharing. xx

  8. great editorial!!

  9. Ahhh...I would die to get my hands on some of this stuff :)

  10. Awesome collage!!!!
    check out my blog?!!!


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