Friday, October 1, 2010

Birds of a Feather

My most current obsession: feathers. Although I'm not sure I would necessarily pair all these items together, I would be somewhat tempted. I just can not get enough of them. I own about 10 pairs of feather earrings as is. When I truly think about it, I'm pretty sure this obsession isn't really a new development; I've loved the ideas of feathers ever since I read the book Dangerous Angels with one of the main characters braiding feathers into her hair. I love the nature-loving, free-spirited, hippy vibe feathers entail, and they add that extra bit of excitement to an outfit!


  1. Oh nice! I absolutely love the clutch, it looks so dainty and sweet

  2. I love those picks! I wish I could pull of a feather miniskirt- that Francesca one is amazing!



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