Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lovely Lady

Other than my highly eventful shopping excursion this past weekend, I spent the rest of my free time studying, save a few hours Saturday night. Armed with broccoli soup and gummy bears, my friend Karen, the model/dancer I photographed, came over to test me on vocabulary flash cards while we edited her pictures from the weekend before. That lasted for about 40 minutes, till we whipped out the jewelry supplies and started crafting while watching "How I Met your Mother".

Since I have been too lost in a sea of words I have never heard before and math equations I haven't looked at for years to take pictures of myself, I am going to share the pictures of Karen for your viewing pleasure.


  1. LOVE the outfits....the printed dress is sooo pretty! Great pics too!

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  2. pretty photos steph! what pulchritude. how comely.

  3. OMG I ROCK because I actually know both those words. YAY KAPLAN GRE!

  4. That dress is frickin' awesome!! Very on-trend, great way to work prints. You look great!
    Great blog - I'm following you on bloglovin and Google F.C. and can't wait to see more!
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  5. Beautiful!



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