Monday, November 8, 2010

California Gurls

Hello everyone! So sorry for the ridiculously long hiatus, but the GRE demanded my attention. I did really well, so now I am on to grad school applications! Hopefully in the next few months I will be accepted to a journalism program. Hope you haven't forgotten me, but you know us California gurls - we're unforgettable!

Halloween was my first night out after my months of hermitude, so my friends and I went out full force. Honestly, I felt like a celebrity, with people taking our pictures all night! I guess as a Katy Perry California Gurl, I couldn't have expected any less!

 {Isn't my heart purse amazing?!}

PS - I'm the one in blue xx


  1. oh the of luck
    learning the prefixes and suffixes made the vocab much better

    love the halloween costume!! you look so cute!

  2. What great costumes!! Looks you had a great time!! Love the sequins, very cute! I love your blog, btw. Following!:)


    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop by and say hello!:)

  3. Really cool outfits.


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